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ANZAC Virtual Assembly 2020

Getting crafty during lock down

NayCol IOS Warriors take up the wero/challenge at Wairua Warrior 2020

A love of learning leads to new life in Nelson

Ex-pat feels right at home

PE and Health students focus on enhancing their well-being.

Our lives in lockdown

A message to students

Update: Level 3 School

Nayland College Newsletter, 17 April 2020

Reaching out to those who need it most

Nayland debaters take the argument online

Ex-Nayland student achieves scholarly success

Traveling teacher takes on tourism at Nayland

First Nayland, then the world

Covid-19 Principal Update, 13 April 2020

Learning Resource Delivery

Principal’s Message, Friday 27 March

Covid 19 Update, Tuesday 24 March

Covid-19 Update, School Closed

Covid-19, Update 22 March

Nayland College Update, Friday 20 March 2020

Covid-19 Update, 17 March 2020

Nayland College Newsletter, Friday 13 March 2020

Senior boys futsal team makes Nayland history

Records tumble at school athletic day

Nayland Pride leads the way

IOS class paddle boarding and BBQ trip

Young triathletes excel at TSS champs

Nine new medals for speed skater

Nayland College Newsletter, Friday 28 February 2020

Debaters succeed at regional tournament

Speed-skater finds her balance

Our newest Deputy Principal

Nayland students show their true colours at House Day 2020

Nayland College Newsletter, Friday 14 February

Face coverings information

Students enter a world of challenge

USA jaunt rewarding for young thespian

NZ Moves Back to Level 2

NZ Moves Back to Level 2

Speedy student hits the ground running


Nayland College Update

Alumni Newsletter: Best of 2019!

Final Update 2019

Nayland College scores a new basketball manager

Nayland College Newsletter: Friday 6 December

9E picks up on reserve litter issue

Well done and all the best Matthew!

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