Students get some RAD training!


This week two trainers from RAD spent some time working with Nayland College students, getting them up to speed on how to recycle a device, all with the aim of improving digital equity for our learners. Year 11 student Saskia Nyhoff tells us all about it.

Recycle A Device, or RAD is a New Zealand program revolving around fixing and using parts from non-functional devices in order to provide fully functional devices that are then donated to those in need. 

Image by: Recycle a Device

RAD was originally a group of high school students that fixed devices as a hobby in Aotea College, Porirua, but was made into a proper national program in 2020 that could effectively provide laptops to those who need them. Members of RAD have been visiting NZ schools like Nayland College to teach them the skills to fix a computer and prepare it for others in NZ who need it. 

RAD Founder and Trainer Hadi Daoud takes Owen Suter, Jack Simmons, Zavier Shaw, Ben Mann and Marlon Miller through the steps involved in recycling a device — Image by: Supplied

The RAD members taught us the fundamental parts of a basic computer (CPU, RAM, Hard Drive/SSD, Motherboard and Battery) and how to handle and fix them to make different parts of the computer work. We also learned about optimising and installing windows on a fixed computer to ensure it is an effective tool for its new user. 

What we learned was different from what I had expected. I previously didn’t know the computer was created with easily removable functional parts and I thought the screen would be our main focus. Now that members of our school have learned how to recycle a device, we can start a club to help RAD fix the devices they send us so they are in full working order for students in need. 

After our recent lockdowns, NZ data has shown that there is a large inequality gap with many kiwis not having access to computers or the internet. This can prevent them from being able to learn, engage at school, earn money, provide for their families and for themselves. 

RAD is a worthwhile cause as it benefits us as students learning how these machines function allowing us to teach others the same, and it benefits those who require devices. If you would like to join RAD and help with this awesome cause – please e-mail Matt on

A special thanks to Mediterranean Food Warehouse and Connings for supplying the ingredients that the Nayland Food Collective used to make our yummy vegetarian pizza lunch!

By Saskia Nyhoff (Year 11)