International Student Support

International Personnel

It is our philosophy that when a student is happy he will learn. We are a supportive school. Students are treated as individuals and excellent relationships develop with teachers. At our International Student Office, the Director constantly monitors and supports students and their academic progress. A student adviser assists with personal problems and our school counsellors provide ongoing care for students who require trained counsellors.

Nayland College is acknowledged for its excellent support of International students. The winning of the New Zealand Education Excellence in Pastoral Care Award is a testament to the care students receive from the International team, Nayland College and the many supportive homestay families in our Community.

Kiwi Buddies

New Zealand students who are interested in other cultures, are friendly, and have a pride in Nayland College volunteer to become “buddies” for new International students.

Student Support

As well as our International Student Director who helps our students, we also employ an independent student adviser, Catharine Wood. She meets regularly with students to discuss any problems they may be having, and help students with personal arrangements that need to be made.

It is compulsory at Nayland College for students under the age of 18 to have a New Zealand based Counselor who is approved by the College. If you already have a New Zealand based counsellor please notify the school prior to enrolment.

Our Counseling fee is $600.00 for the year.


Orientation is a time to prepare new students for the adjustments they need to make to live in a New Zealand home and attend a New Zealand school.

The first part of orientation is held in your first two days of school. In those two days we

  • Welcome you to Nayland College and introduce you to the International Staff
  • Show you Nayland College
  • Have teachers speak to you about subjects and extra-curricular activities
  • Assess your ability in Mathematics and English
  • Organise your timetable and form class.

Orientation will continue for one hour per week and in this time you will learn about:

  • Living in a New Zealand home
  • New Zealand food
  • New Zealand Laws
  • School expectations
  • School dress code
  • Assignments and Time Management
  • Classroom etiquette
  • Holidays
  • Managing your money
  • Involvement in school activities
  • Computer usage