Pastoral Support

House Deans and House Tutors

Each house has one House Dean. These teachers have been selected for their strength in providing support and guidance to students. They acquire a lot of knowledge and form close relationships with students and their families. House Deans oversee overall academic and pastoral support and should be contacted in the case of extended absence, concerns around well-being or if you need to let us know about notable personal circumstances.

Tutor Classes

Tutor classes are grouped horizontally for Year 9 – 11 students and vertically for Year 12 – 13. Year 9 tutor classes will have a number of Year 13 Peer Mentors associated with each class. Their role is to provide an extra layer of support between students and their house tutor.

Pūaha Te Tai

Pūaha Te Tai is our whānau tutor class. Any Year 9-13 student can elect to be a part of Pūaha Te Tai.  In addition to usual tutor class activities, Pūaha Te Tai has a tikanga Māori focus. Students must commit to uphold cultural values and participate in kapa haka. There are five house tutors attached to Pūaha Te Tai and students are allocated to each of the five houses.

'Pūaha Te Tai' means to 'smash the waves' and as we are a very diverse and dynamic group, our new name is very suitable for us as a whānau. Rangatahi (youth) are often faced with many new and overwhelming challenges and it is important for them to have a positive and uplifting mindset and not a negative one. Therefore we have laid the challenge to all of our rangatahi to stay positive, be resilient, and to smash the waves and conquer your fears.


Our Deans and House Tutors work together to encourage each and every student to dream big and aim high. We have excellent support from our experienced senior leadership team, Mr Daniel Wilson, Mr Trevor Olley, Ms Jane Townsend, Ms Hannah Banks and Ms Rowan Taigel.

We communicate with parents and caregivers often. Teachers contact home about what their courses involve, how to succeed and what to focus on for assessments. House Tutors and Deans make contact quickly if there are issues. Regular and personalised contact with home is very important to us.


“Nayland College is a welcoming school with a positive tone and warm relationships. There is a culture focused on students’ well-being and support through a strong pastoral care system. Students demonstrate a sense of pride in their college.”

Education Review Office Report

Puna Ako

Puna Ako means the ‘Learning Spring’. Puna Ako is timetabled for one period per week and is delivered by the tutor teacher. There are a range of aims of the Puna Ako programme:

  • To build whanaungatanga, or connection and belonging, to the school community
  • To develop study skills and agency over students’ own learning
  • To set goals and track and monitor academic progress
  • To foster hauora and empower students to look after their own well-being
  • To engage in meaningful school or community projects