Pastoral Support

Tutor Teachers and Deans

Each house has one dean. These teachers have been selected for their strength in providing support and guidance to students.

The deans accompany the students as they move through their year levels. They acquire a lot of knowledge and form close relationships with students and their families. There is no need to keep having to tell your story over and over again.

The vertical form system is the next valuable tool in caring for our students. House tutors also accompany their students through the year levels, so get to know them well and are a great source of help for when times are tough or for suggesting new dreams to follow. Each day starts with a form time so that any necessary information is passed on to students and any problems that might get in the way of learning can be sorted out.

Our deans and form teachers work together to encourage each and every student to dream big and aim high. We have excellent support from our experienced senior management team, Mr Trevor Olley, Mrs Kathy Sherwood, Ms Jane Townsend and Mr Daniel Wilson.

We communicate with parents and caregivers often. Teachers contact home about what their courses involve, how to succeed and what to focus on for assessments. Form teachers and deans make contact quickly if there are issues. Regular and personalised contact with home is very important to us.

Formal written reports are sent home twice a year. Formal parent-teacher-student interviews for all levels are held in term one, and again in term four for junior students.


“Nayland College is a welcoming school with a positive tone and warm relationships. There is a culture focused on students’ well-being and support through a strong pastoral care system. Students demonstrate a sense of pride in their college.”

Education Review Office Report