NOTE: Mot 1, Mot 3, Wakefield and Waimea to Nayland extension users, please take note of an important notice below the timetable as well as some changes to the routes for Mot 1 and Mot 3.

Bus Timetable Nayland College 2023


Dear Schools, Parents, Caregivers and Students,

Commencing 13 February 2023, fares will increase to the below and we will begin operating on a daily return ticket basis.

We have kept the price down as much as possible but with operational costs increasing significantly over the past year we need to raise fares to keep the service viable. We also need to run a consistent, reliable school bus service for passengers travelling to and from school. One-way travel creates unpredictable passenger numbers and makes it difficult to forecast and budget for.

See the below table for the new pricing structure. These tickets are from the starting point to the destination including all stops in between.


We will continue to use our current smartcard payment system which will calculate the correct fare. Passengers will need to tag on/off every time they get on and off the bus.

The return fare service is only designed for passengers travelling to and from the same area e.g. board in Motueka in the morning and get off in Motueka in the afternoon. The system will not allow passengers to transfer at Waimea College unless they are using the Mapua (Mot 1) bus or travelling to and from Nayland College.

If passengers are travelling to Nelson they need to stay on the same bus the entire journey and catch the same bus home. As it is a return fare service, passengers who only travel one way will be charged a return fare.

Any deviation or failure to tap on and off will result in a disruption to the calculation and the card being automatically charged an excess. The balance must be kept in credit for passengers to travel. A $10.00 deficit has been allowed to get passengers home but the card needs to be topped up to use the service. No ticket, no ride.

Thank you for your continuing support,

SBL Group - Nelson Coachlines