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All students are offered guidance in planning their education and future career direction under the Nayland College Career Education Plan. All students are encouraged to request an individual interview with Careers Advisors: Ms Alana Wall and Mrs Alice Scott as and when required.

The Careers Centre is located downstairs in Block 2 and is full of course information from various course providers. There are a range of events throughout each year to inform students. One example is the annual Careers Road Show held early in Term 2 with over 30 providers coming to talk to students face to face to explain opportunities for further study and to answer questions. The Careers team aim to link classroom learning with what students can go onto once they leave school.

Our Careers staff are experts in assisting students with enrolment processes for courses, vocational educational training and apprenticeships.  We have a high acceptance rate due to both the calibre of our students and the detailed support provided by our Careers Department.

Our goal is for students to leave Nayland with a smile . . . and a plan!

For more information contact:

Upcoming Events/Visits

30 May - MITO Automotive Career Tour

31 May - Hair and Beauty Careers Day

1 June - Conservation Careers Day

12 June - Beyond the Front Door - Te Whatu Ora Health NZ  

21 June - Fantastic Futures

27 June - Auckland University Information Evening Online; 6-9pm

28 June - Forestry Careers Day

Kia Ora Hauora - Maori Health Day 

2 August - Massey Palmerston North Open Day

Fri 4 August - Victoria Course Planning, 1:20pm, Room 22

21 - 23 August - Learners Driving Licence Course

Fri 25 August - University of Victoria Open Day

Fri 25 August - Massey University Open Day Wellington

Sat 26 August - Auckland University Open Day

Fri 8 September - Canterbury University Open Day

Thu 14 September - Canterbury Course Planning, 10:45am, Room 22

Fri 29 September - Lincoln University Open Day

12 October - AUT Open Day online

If you have queries regarding any of the events above, please visit the Careers Centre, Block 2.  We are happy to help.


Click the link below to request a Careers Appointment with our Careers Advisors: Ms Wall or Mrs Scott:


Your CV is your personal marketing campaign - your chance to sell yourself to future employers, tell them who you are and the experience you hold.  Focus on your strong points and emphasise your skills, abilities and work/volunteer history.

See below the CV workshop booklet link, providing you with ideas and examples on how to construct your CV.  Template options for your CV and cover letter are also included in the booklet and you can download and save the word template to create your own.  Be sure to amend your CV specifically for each individual vacancy you apply for.

Click to access CV-BOOKLET.pdf


The careers website is a wonderful resource of interview tips, careers quiz and ideas, entry requirements for jobs and pay estimates, along with future study options.

Look into career inspiration and job hunting support by clicking the logo below:

On the careers website you can also investigate options such as the CareerQuest quiz, Subject Matcher and Skill Matcher.

Job Seeking websites let you set search criteria for jobs you may be interested in eg. full or part-time, location or industry you wish to work in.  

Here are some of the main Job Seeking websites which you can click on to explore jobs on offer:


Below is a list of university and tertiary providers.  Click the logo to visit their website where you can view details and information on courses and study details:





Gateway can be taken as a subject in Years 12 or 13 and can help to support transition into the workforce.  This Programme delivers hands-on practical learning, that can lead to nationally recognised qualifications.  

Set unit standards will be provided from Industry Training Organisations, relevant to the learners workplace. Possible outcomes are; apprenticeships, part-time, or fulltime employment, along with on-the-job training and developing work-ready skills. 

Employers have the opportunity to provide valuable work experience to students, supporting our community, along with the added bonus of assessing the possibility of a potential employee.  If you are an employer and wish to know more about the gateway programme, please contact the Gateway Coordinator 


@ 19/5/2023

Employers have contacted Nayland College with the below vacancies, please see Careers (bottom of Block 2) for more details and how to apply

Kitchen Assistant position available at weekends for a student aged 16+.  Will be assisting in the kitchen and with cooking. 



Each year a range of scholarships are offered through various providers.  Some are specific to Nayland College or for Nelson/Tasman school leavers.  More details on these can be provided by the Careers Office.

Should you wish to apply for a University scholarship, first check their website for further details.

Money Hub has a complete list of scholarships available for school leavers to apply for in New Zealand.  Click on the logo below to find out more:

Study Spy allows you to compare courses, scholarships and providers in New Zealand. Click on the logo below to find out more:

StudyLink is where you apply for Student Allowance and Student Loans.  You can also check eligibility and apply online.  Click on the logo and link below to find out more:

Click to access Studylink-Seminar.pdf

Helpful information links are attached below with information on applying for University, Halls of Residence and Scholarships:  For further assistance, contact Mrs Scott in the Careers Office. 

Click to access University-101-Halls.pdf

Click to access Scholarships.pdf

Click to access Scholarship-writing.pdf




Trades Academy students spend one day a week at NMIT campuses learning their chosen industry, or at Whenua Iti on a block outdoor residential course.  All Trades Academy and Whenua Iti courses are free to students.

For enquiries, please contact Ms Wall, or Mrs Hawkes in the careers centre, or email

Click on the Top of the South Trades Academy logo below to explore their website and course options.



GAP YEAR/EXCHANGE                         

A gap year can involve working in New Zealand, or overseas, a student exchange, travelling, or a combination of all. Typically this is in the year before starting tertiary study, or an apprenticeship.

Gap years can help young people learn more about themselves, experience different cultures, explore career options and help decide on future plans.

For this to happen it is important to have a plan for your gap year.  Below are some providers of programmes or employment tailored towards Gap Year students.  Click on the logo to explore further:


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