International Fees


The Tuition Fee for one year is NZ$14,500.00 (for 2020-2022)

This covers the student’s tuition fee, administration expenses, school fee and course-related expenses listed below:

  • $25 stationery pack
  • loan of text books
  • Nayland’s English Language Support programme

There is an additional fee for the New Zealand Government Levy of NZ$429.33. This fee is worked out at NZ$11.00 per week based on a 39 week year.

The student is responsible for additional curriculum costs, such as outdoor education, examination fees, personal and recreational costs. Click here for more information on subjects.

Full payment of your course tuition fee is required upon acceptance of enrolment.

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Other Fees

Homestay fees are NZ$270 per week for 2020 and NZ$275 for 2021 and 2022

Administration fee of NZ$500

Insurance Nayland College uses ‘Uni-Care NZ Student Plan’ to organise insurance if requested. NZ$181.36 for 3 months up to NZ$577.60 for 1 year.


Nayland College students in years 9-12 are required to wear a uniform.

For international students studying in years 9 and 10 (junior students) it is compulsory to wear uniform.

For international students in year 11 and 12 it is recommended they wear uniform, as this helps with integration. However, for international students it is optional to wear uniform. If students choose not to wear a uniform, they will be required to follow the dress code for year 13 students.

For all students in Year 13 it is optional to wear a uniform, but there is a dress code for year 13.

Students representing the school at certain events may be required to wear uniform.

The approximate cost of a new uniform is NZ$400. Click here to visit the uniform page. International students may bring shorts, skirts or pants in a similar style from their home country. Students may also bring with them any plain black shoes (with no coloured markings)

Please note: These fees (except homestay fees) are inclusive of GST and are subject to annual review.