Suzi Seeds In Sean’s Footsteps


On Wednesday 13 April, Nayland College held its first A&P show in many years. Part of this event was the culmination of the fundraising that had taken place in Term 1 for the charity ‘Suzi Seeds in Sean’s Footsteps.’

On the day, Year 11 Sociology students ran activities with the student leaders, handing out flyers, and educating students about the charity. A highlight was “the conversation cloth” where students could write messages and questions for the orphans in Uganda to reply to and read when Matt Robinson (a teacher who helped created the charity) goes to Uganda to visit them later this year.

Nayland College students write messages on a sheet that teacher Matt Robinson plans to deliver to a village in Uganda, for which he is setting up a charity to continue the work of Sean Thomas, a youth mentor who died last year. — Image by: Martin De Ruyter (Stuff)

Students in Year 11 Sociology also got involved through their social action internal assessment by finding ways to promote the charity. Daisy Scranney summed it up beautifully with the sentiment “We’re never going to be able to be in their footsteps, but we can try and help people understand what’s going on over there, and we can try and help them by raising money.” 

One of the main ways to support the charity is to contribute to an orphan’s education as there is no gift greater than an education and the opportunities it brings in a country where there are no social supports like we have here in New Zealand and many children go without an education or the basics we take for granted like clean water and food. 

Francis Kalibala, Joan Nasajji, Charles Masembe, and Grace Masembe — Image by: Supplied

If you would like to contribute to this amazing cause from as little as $5 per week (the price of a coffee!) please email us on or visit our Give-a-Little page:

Our Instagram account has been run by me (Ella Childs) and has been a great way to share their stories and struggles with students and the community. To hear more about this on-going initiative please follow us @suziseeds

We also made it into Stuff and there was a lovely story covering the charity and the people it is named after, Suzi Keepa and Sean Thomas who both passed away last year. 

Suzi Keepa was a much-loved guidance counsellor at Nayland College before she passed away from stomach cancer in 2021. — Image by: Supplied

Sean was a local youth mentor who was instrumental in the creation of Big Brothers Big Sisters in New Zealand. Suzi was a guidance counsellor at Nayland for many years who also dedicated her life to young people, Her philosophy of improving the world by supporting the next generation is reflected in our charity’s aims, and she would often advise people to keep planting “seeds of hope”. 

I will leave you with a quote from Sean, “It is only the virtue of our birth that separates the haves from the have nots; the hungry from the fed. Pay forward what good fortune you have been given.”

See our website for more info. 

Anya Tregidga & Celia Wallace selling pizzas for Suzi Seeds in Sean’s Footsteps — Image by: Rowan Taigel

This week students have also been selling pizzas to help raise money. Shout out to Anya Tregidga, Celia Wallace, Lydia Edmonds & Max Floyd!

Celia Wallace, Anya Tregidga & Lydia Edmonds selling pizzas for Suzi Seeds in Sean’s Footsteps — Image by: Matt Robinson

By Ella Childs (Year 11)