Circuit News

NayCol debaters prepare for regionals

Meeting every Monday afternoon, a group of debating students have been ‘fighting’ hard to prepare for the regional competition this weekend. Student journalist Finn Kerby-Pinguet went along to watch.

An Amalgamation of Art and Science

Last Monday, a group of Year 9 students started an art/science (with a twist of culture) project about Poorman’s Stream.

Normalise Normal Bodies

For most of my life, I had bought into the idea that if I was slimmer, whiter, taller or scarless that I would finally be pretty and therefore my life […]

Broadening minds at Broadgreen House

On the last Wednesday of the term, Year 10 Psychology visited Broadgreen House

Student leader encourages others into the spotlight

Dedicated young musician Toby Sussex has approached the role of student leader with sincerity, openness, and the aim of getting younger students involved.

Breakfast club keeps students fed and focused

Weetbix, toast, yogurt and fruit are some of the tasty items that feature on the ever-expanding menu at Nayland College’s Breakfast Club.

Nayland College ball a winner all-round

Last Saturday evening senior students were busy pulling on dresses and suits, eagerly awaiting the night ahead. At 7pm, as cars drove up to the Rutherford Hotel and students stepped […]

International students share their memories of lockdown

In early July, a time-capsule was buried on school grounds, where it will stay untouched for twenty years. It contains the thoughts and experiences of Nayland College international students during […]

Students beat off midwinter blues with a camp in Kahurangi National Park

In mid-June, while most of us were finding a warm fire to sit beside, out of the elements, the Level 2 Outdoor Education class spent three days tramping and camping […]

Student supermarket workers essential to keeping the country going

As New Zealand has moved through the alert-levels designed to help eliminate Covid-19 in our country, many school students have worked as essential workers at supermarkets. Student reporter Aleisha Smith […]

Our lives in lockdown

It’s now been about four weeks since we’ve been at school, and there’s still a while to go. Because we haven’t seen anyone for a while, it can be hard […]

Nayland debaters take the argument online

Due to the lockdown, students have had to find new ways to engage in their favourite activities. Senior debater Sophie Hampson, explains how she has managed to keep competing in […]

Ex-Nayland student achieves scholarly success

Nayland College alumna and budding scientist Aimee Bartlett, can now add recipient of the Nelson Soroptimist Education Trust School Leaver Scholarship to her growing list of achievements.

Traveling teacher takes on tourism at Nayland

At Nayland College, we have been very fortunate to have a great group of new teachers join our whanau this year. Over the coming months, we will be running profiles […]

First Nayland, then the world

One of this year’s student leaders, Ruby Vidgen, has a keen interest in politics and a keener interest in people. She’s Year 13 at Nayland, and yet her skills in […]

Senior boys futsal team makes Nayland history

At the Tasman Secondary Schools Futsal Champs on 11 March, the Senior Boys A team won the tournament in a nail-biting penalty shootout against Nelson Boys College in the final.

Nayland Pride leads the way

The Nayland Alliance of Gays and Straights was established in 2002, making Nayland the first South Island school to establish a group for LGBT+ students. In 2020, the group – […]

IOS class paddle boarding and BBQ trip

Last Friday, on the 28th of February, the Institute of Sport [IOS] and their teachers went on an afternoon trip to Tahunanui. Most people biked and others went in the […]

Speed-skater finds her balance

Year 12 Nayland College student Zena Denton inline speed-skates at both a national and international level. Last year she competed at the Oceanias, while over the New Year period she […]

Our newest Deputy Principal

Busy getting her head into her new role, Deputy Principal Hannah Cameron has been making sure that all aspects of Nayland College are running smoothly. Already a month down, she […]

New teaching assistant an outdoor enthusiast

An experienced man of the outdoors, Andrew Hewison draws knowledge from various careers as he joins the Nayland College staff as a teaching assistant.