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Kayaker navigates Nayland’s sciences

Hilary Hurst loves a challenge, whether that be a difficult student, or navigating her way through harsh rapids. Mrs. Hurst enjoys teaching science, but she also seeks a “low key” adrenaline rush time to time.

Our future with artificial intelligence: Friend or foe?

Nayland College alumnus and current Washington DC economist Kinley Salmon can now add ‘author’ to his list of achievements. He recently returned to his former college to launch his first book Jobs, Robots & Us.

From shipwrecks to science labs

Though she may think otherwise, science teacher Dr Dean has lead an interesting life, to say the least.

Forum selection for Nayland environmentalist

Year 13 student and passionate environmentalist Matthew Edmonds was recently selected to attend Blake Inspire. He shares his experiences of this with us here.

Chemistry student makes national selection

Year 13 Merlyn Barrer was selected as one of 32 students nationally to attend the New Zealand Chemistry Olympiad training camp, held in Auckland from the 13th -18th of April. He shares his experiences below.

House Ravenclaw for Miss Harvey?

Trudy Harvey comes across as any other relateable modern-day English teacher.

Oliver! opens eyes to world of talent at Nayland

Last week the college’s school production took to the stage. Here student reporter Aleisha Smith gives a review of the closing night’s performance.

Students sick of waiting for change

OPINION: Passionate environmental advocate and student reporter Ruby Vidgen reflects on the recent climate strike and the issues behind it.

Returning teacher brings passion and enthusiasm to Nayland

Maths teacher Rachael Purdie brings warmth, passion and knowledge to Nayland College’s staff this year as she returns after a break from teaching.

Compassion-crazy student leader is here to help

Student leader Zoe Fitzgerald has truly made the most of her time here at Nayland. And, even in her final year, she’s still giving back.

Rugby stars make rep squad

Congratulations to the three Nayland girls who have made the Tasman Secondary Schools girls rugby squad.

Spreading positivity through social media

Earlier this year, two Year 9 students, Zoe Jurgeleit and Lotte Ketcher, took it upon themselves to tackle teen cyberbullying problems. Their solution: The Positivity Project.

Nayland students explore the cosmos

Year Nine students Beni Rae and Eli Sheppard are the brains behind the operation that is Nayland College’s astronomy club.

Watch This Space

Exciting times ahead for Nayland College

Model UN offers pupils global politics experience

Students from around the Nelson/Tasman region came to Nayland College on Wednesday April 4 for the Model United Nations forum.

Student rep speaks up

Year 12 student Mia Faulkner is already thoroughly enjoying being the voice for Nayland College students on the board of trustees.

All-round achiever soars high

With many achievements under her belt, year 12 student Ella Holmes is a driven person with a penchant for sport.

Netballer gives student leader role a shot

Student leader Aimee Lewis is having to quickly find her feet when it comes to her new role.

Extroverted leader strikes school life balance

New student leader Jaid van den Berg-Kaire is an active and dedicated member of the 2018 team. An extrovert by nature, Jaid finds her middleground in life by enjoying quiet downtime at home.

Aspiring actor with bright prospects ready to help in 2018

One of Nayland’s new student leaders, Stuart Lowe, has been a leader in the Nayland drama community for much longer. An actor in school productions for all of his schooling years, Lowe says that he “loves everything” about drama.