Broadening minds at Broadgreen House


On the last Wednesday of the term, Year 10 Psychology visited Broadgreen House

During our visit, we were treated to a tour given by three volunteer guides. We learnt about the traditions and roles that different members of the house kept. We also learnt about the time period that the Buxtons lived in, the various power classes and how psychological concepts such as social influence and conformity played a massive part in defining these classes. 

We also learnt about other specific psychological concepts such as obedience and role models, which shaped life within the Buxton household. Life for that family was very different from the lives we live today.

Year 10 student Laura Bone found the trip opened her eyes to how life must have been back then.

“What I found the most interesting was seeing where the servants worked. It made me think about how I wouldn’t be able to bear it if I was a child living in that house watching servants work while I was living my best life,” Laura said.

Our thanks go to the volunteers from Broadgreen House who worked with Mrs Bloomfield to plan our tour and who gave up their time to show us around.  

By Student reporter Owen Suter