IOS class paddle boarding and BBQ trip


Last Friday, on the 28th of February, the Institute of Sport [IOS] and their teachers went on an afternoon trip to Tahunanui. Most people biked and others went in the van. They had a paddle board lesson followed by a BBQ lunch.

It was a sunny but windy day at Tahunanui beach. The class got their togs on and got ready to go paddle boarding! 10D1 got their safety gear on (life jackets) and then each got paddles and boards fitted to their size.

The students carried their boards down to the beach and had a little team talk about the boundaries and the rules. Despite the choppy seas and the gusting wind, the whole class were all keen to get out and have fun. Everyone enjoyed their experience and were all thankful they could go.

IOS student Cooper Mills, enjoyed the experience of paddle boarding, but found it challenging. “My favourite part was definitely riding the waves on my paddle board, and my least favourite was how hard it was to balance the paddle board because of the wind,” Cooper said.

After the paddle boarding session, the class had a barbeque with Mr. Lewers, Mrs. Gravett, Mr. Parker, Ms. Vedder, Ms. Townsend, Matua Bruno and Mr. Gargiulo. Mr. Lewers cooked up bacon, sausages and fried some onion. Everyone contributed by bringing something to either cook or clean up with. Once the class finished the BBQ the class packed up and got ready to go back to school.

The students had only one complaint about the day: it wasn’t long enough.

“I would make the day a bit longer because we didn’t have enough time to do much on the paddle boards,” said Cooper Phipps, another IOS student.

Interview with Mr. Mark Lewers:

Q. What was the aim of the day?

To get to know each other a bit better and to get outside of the school environment and promote relationships so everyone can spend time with the class and to get to know each other a bit more.

Q. What could be improved?

There wasn’t enough sausages and it would be nice to have a selection of food. The weather wasn’t very suitable for paddle boarding. It would have been nice for some more parents to come.

Q. What went well?

The whole thing was pretty good. It was an easy transition.

Q. What was the highlight of your day?

Standing on the beach watching the students on the paddle broads trying to coordinate themselves to come up with the circle structures. Watching everyone laughing, having fun falling over.

Q. Would you do this again with our class or others?

Yes, I definitely would. It would be cool to invite more parents along so we can have more of a whanau. It would be great to do it with other classes. 

Q. Who was your favourite student?

Hard to say really, you’re all great.

Interview with Matua Bruno:

Q. How long were you planning for this event?

I have been planning the pepeha challenge since the start of the term, and then tied it in with the barbeque.

Q. What was your favourite part of this trip?

Enjoying the water and the paddle boarding with the class. Building up the relationships with them outside of school. Getting the kids to reflect on why the waka is significant to them and the community.

Q. Did you like the food and why?

The food was good because I was really hungry and didn’t have any lunch before. Everyone had been working hard in the rough weather. Any food was good when you’re hungry.

Q. What was your least favorite part of this trip?

Having to leave.

Q. Why did you want to do this event?

The aim was to get the class to visit different elements of pepeha in real life. To do a physical challenge but then to be able to use this experience to reflect on each element of pepeha and why it is important to you. Try to connect it to our classwork around the ‘I’ in team.


Introduction: Olivia, Cerys, Ariana and Tavie

Paddle boarding: Ella and Holly

BBQ: Ronan, Ethan, Victor and Cooper M

Student Interviews: Boone and Finlay

Interview with Matua Bruno: Louise and Cooper P

Interview with Mr Lewers: Uma and Shakayla

Editing: Lyn and Emily


By 10DI English class