Student Leaders

Compassion-crazy student leader is here to help

Student leader Zoe Fitzgerald has truly made the most of her time here at Nayland. And, even in her final year, she’s still giving back.

Student leader not afraid to stand out in the crowd

Josh Holmes is one of 2018’s four Nayland College student leaders.

Netballer gives student leader role a shot

Student leader Aimee Lewis is having to quickly find her feet when it comes to her new role.

Extroverted leader strikes school life balance

New student leader Jaid van den Berg-Kaire is an active and dedicated member of the 2018 team. An extrovert by nature, Jaid finds her middleground in life by enjoying quiet downtime at home.

Aspiring actor with bright prospects ready to help in 2018

One of Nayland’s new student leaders, Stuart Lowe, has been a leader in the Nayland drama community for much longer. An actor in school productions for all of his schooling years, Lowe says that he “loves everything” about drama.