Student leader not afraid to stand out in the crowd


Josh Holmes is one of 2018’s four Nayland College student leaders.

He also has a reputation at Nayland for liking to fling on a crazy costume or two, given the chance. “Mainly its something fun to do,” Josh said. “To get into character. I enjoy putting a lot of effort into house spirit and setting the benchmark quite high for the next year. I like that kind of thing.”

Over his time here at Nayland, Josh has held a few different leadership positions, starting with being captain of his volleyball team when he was a junior. He was also Phoenix house leader last year before being selected as student leader this year.

“I like to have a say around the school and work towards changing a few key things,” Josh said. He recommends students to put themselves forward for the role in the future, as long as they are aware of the workload. “[Being a student leader] is a large commitment (…) and you end up missing a fair bit of class to perform in school activities so you have to do a bit of catch up.”

Josh has some plans already for a future beyond school. He’d like to study commerce at university and then go on to set up a business and work for himself.

He says he’s had plenty of fun at college over the years, though one particular memory has stuck with him. “I’ve had lots good times here at Nayland. Mr Cheyne complimented me on my smile one time which was nice.”

Josh was interviewed by student reporter Lara Edmonds.

By Sera King – Media and Publicity