Compassion-crazy student leader is here to help


Student leader Zoe Fitzgerald has truly made the most of her time here at Nayland. And, even in her final year, she’s still giving back.

Zoe is well used to leadership. She’s been a house captain since Year 9. Last year as a Draco house leader, she led her house to victory. Being a student leader is something she’s wanted to do since she first came to Nayland.

Often described as “big-hearted,” Zoe uses her passion for helping others in many of the roles she has at Nayland, such as being a Cottage Contact. “I especially wanted to help the younger ones coming through, because I know I kinda struggled adjusting from Broadgreen,” she said. “I remember the older kids who always smiled and were real friendly to me, and I want to be that for someone else.”

Zoe is also involved in many other aspects of Nayland. She’s been a part of the “Dream Team” since Year 10 – the backstage crew working on the Oliver! musical this year. Zoe is also involved in Dance Company as a leader and choreographer. Other than that, she just helps out wherever she can. “I really enjoy overcommitting myself,” she said. “It’s that feeling of satisfaction, to know I took the opportunity to go help out and have taken a stress load off someone else. If someone needs me, I like knowing that I’ll be there for them.”

The confident student leader is loving the job so far. “I like it because I can take charge and be really bossy,” she joked. “And I feel so humbled that I got voted in.” Student leaders meet every Tuesday with Mr Wilson, meet with Mr Olley if any assemblies need to be organised, and will get together themselves if anything else needs to be planned. “I love the rest of the leaders, love working with them. But the really frustrating thing is all of them can sing and I can’t, so we’ll be sitting with music playing in the background and they’ll start singing and I’ll be like ‘okay great’,” she laughed.

Zoe’s family has played a huge role in her support system. Her step-sister Aimee was a Nayland student leader last year. “Obviously I can’t just let her have the glory, I’ve gotta get it myself as well,” Zoe said. She’s also very grateful for her parents and two step-mums. “I’ve got a very supportive family. If you look at the netball sidelines and stuff, my whole family will be there. It’s a little bit embarrassing but it means so much to me.” 

By student reporter Maya Jayasena