Short Films a hit with audiences and judges


Congratulations to our talented and creative filmmakers!

On Wednesday evening, Nayland students took to the big screen, taking part in the annual Briefs Short Film Festival. This event allows media studies students from Nelson College, Nelson Girls College, and Nayland College to show their short films at Nelson State Cinema. They played to an enthusiastic, packed house of friends and whānau, and there were also judges on hand to give out prizes at the end.

Of the nine prizes given out for drama films, Nayland College won six of them.

  • Isabella Fuller and Tia Cranefield (both Year 11) – X Factor Award
  • Tiaki Sharp (Year 13) – X Factor Award
  • Samuel Martin (Year 13) – X Factor Award.
  • Isaac Adams (Year 13) – Best Cinematography
  • Matt Aldworth (Year 13) – Best Screenplay
  • Will Irvine (Year 13) – Runner up Best Overall Film.

Samuel Martin said it was great seeing his classmates being acknowledged for their hard work. “I thought it was a really cool experience seeing the Nayland crew as a whole getting awards,” he said.

Matt Aldworth said he found the experience of sharing his film with an audience to be exciting but unnerving. “It was nerve wracking, but also I had a grin on my face, when I could see that everyone else had a grin on their face (while watching my film).”

For Isabella Fuller, it was all about the prizes. “I am so happy with my peanut butter.” (Pics Peanut Butter were one of the major sponsors.) “I am never going to eat it. It’s on my bedside cabinet,” she said.

As well as winning an award for Best Cinematography at Briefs for his film ‘Oakdale Grove’, Isaac Adams also entered his film in the nationwide Onscreen competition. He came 2nd place and won awards for Best Editing and Best Director. This came with over $1000 of prize money and a Go Pro. 

By Duncan McKinlay