Oh yes they did win awards at YES!


Congratulations ‘Only Popcorn’ and ‘Rizer’!

It’s been success upon success for the Year 13 Nayland College Business Studies groups this year. When judges, posing as mystery shoppers, made their way through Nelson’s Saturday market, the businesses caught their eye. 

‘PTT Honey,’ ‘Only Popcorn’ and ‘Rizer’ set up to sell their products at the Saturday market — Image by: Supplied

‘PTT Honey’ won ‘Best Customer Service’ for their Manuka honey and honey icecream and ‘Only Popcorn’ won ‘Best Product Presentation’ for their savoury flavoured popcorn. ‘Rizer’ were also there displaying and selling their Tsurukawa rings (car accessories).

Following their success at the market, the Home & Garden Show invited AND sponsored all three groups to set up stalls at their Nelson show. After selling out on the first day the groups scrambled to make more product to sell the following two days. Not only did they make money and wow customers with their creative, innovative (and let’s not forget delicious) products, but they also received the news that two of them had made it through to the Young Enterprise Scheme Regional Finals.

In amongst finishing off internal assessments and preparing for upcoming exams, ‘Rizer’ and ‘Only Popcorn’ had to prepare slick presentations and more product to bring before a panel of Nelson Chamber of Commerce judges in a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style scenario on Wednesday night. 

Analise Neame, Lucy Bell, Seth Buckley, Tayte Hunwick & Sven Teece from ‘Only Popcorn’ were given the Innovation Award for their delicious, savoury popcorn. 

The judges visit ‘Only Popcorn’ at the Young Enterprise Scheme Regional Finals — Image by: Tim Cuff

Tony Kim, Amos Lian, Andrew Maddock & Reuben Scragg from ‘Rizer’ received the Creativity Award for their Tsurukawa rings.

Jeff Lockhart, from the Ministry of Education, presents Rizer with the Creativity Award. (L-R) Reuben Scragg, Amos Lian, Tony Kim & Andrew Maddock.  — Image by: Tim Cuff

Congratulations and well done to both groups!

Andrew Maddock, Reuben Scragg, Amos Lian & Tony Kim from ‘Rizer’ – Creativity Award winners at the 2022 Young Enterprise Scheme Regional Finals — Image by: Tim Cuff

By Sarah Luton