Well done and all the best Matthew!


The Sir Wallace Rowling Memorial Scholarship is open to students from schools across the Nelson/Tasman area. This year one of the two recipients is Nayland’s own Matthew Edmonds.

How does it feel to be one of the two(?) winners out of the whole region?

It feels great to win the scholarship. There were six applicants for three scholarships, so my chances were good as far as scholarships go. However, winning it does put it into perspective as you’re being compared with a top student from each school on academic, sporting, cultural & community involvement.

What are you planning on studying next year and where?

Next year, I am enrolling in the University of Canterbury. I am studying a combination of engineering & science papers (in the fields of chemistry & environmental science). I plan for my career to be working with natural resources, freshwater & in conservation. The degree would allow me to work in research & resource management. It aligns with my interests in science & sustainability & follows from the conservation work that I’ve been passionate about for a long time.

What has motivated you to excel in your studies here at Nayland?

I’ve enjoyed the subjects I’ve taken through Nayland College. I am curious & want to learn how things work, which motivates me to extend myself. I also think having healthy competition & having lots of support from those students & my teachers has been beneficial. It makes the learning more enjoyable.

Have you got any advice for students going into NCEA for the first time as year 11s next year?

Year 11 isn’t too big of a jump from year 10 & teachers are already preparing year 10’s for the transition into NCEA.. As long as you do not leave your study to the last minute, then it is manageable to do sufficient study around any other commitments & hobbies you have. My advice is to do practice exams so you know what to expect when you sit your externals.

By Nayland College Official