9E picks up on reserve litter issue


As part of 9E’s current health focus, the class identified a need to address the litter issue at popular summer reserves.

The class visited reserves in Aniseed Valley and picked up rubbish on Wednesday 4th December, along with PE and health teacher Stephen Teece and core class teachers Chanel Ngaruhe and Lauren Mekalick.  

The class was shocked at the amount of rubbish collected, with a total of six large rubbish bags in 40 minutes. Many of the items were recyclable and found in close proximity to rubbish bins. 

9E’s social action concluded with a shared lunch and activities. Thank you to Mr Teece for organising this trip and for providing this opportunity for 9E students to give back to an environment they will venture to over the summer break. 

By English teacher Lauren Mekalick