Friday Five


This week it’s head of outdoor education Ashley Whitehead’s turn to offer his thoughts in our Friday Five.

How long have you been teaching and how long you been at Nayland College?

10 years.  I started at Nayland when I was 23 and now I’m 33.

What are your passions and areas of expertise?

Well, obviously outdoor education.  I’m really passionate about getting kids into the outdoors basically.  On a professional level that’s pretty much the ultimate for me, getting out and about on the mountains and the lakes.  On a personal level, adventure racing is something I’m pretty into at the moment but again, anything in the outdoors is good.  Lots of kayaking and mountain biking and that sort of stuff.

Who has inspired you on your own learning journey?

I guess way back when, when I was at school, I had a really good outdoor education teacher.  I swore black and blue I would never be a teacher but I guess in a lot of ways the contribution that he put in at that stage probably made a huge difference in the long term in what I ended up doing.

What is your favourite thing about the school?

My favourite thing about Nayland is the inclusiveness and diversity of the students and the way that they are able to express themselves.  I think when I arrived at Nayland, that was one of the first things I noticed, how inclusive it was and how well the kids get on with each other and how well the staff get on with the kids.

What are your ambitions for the future?

It’s a tough question.  I’d like to see the outdoor programme at Nayland continue to grow.  I think it’s in a really good place and it’s a really exciting place to work.  I’m quite a goal-driven person so I need to keep doing things to keep me excited about life.  Maybe my ambition for the future is being able to get out into the outdoors and raise a family because that’s a challenge but I definitely think it’s achievable.

By Nayland College Official