Short films impress at competition

Matthew\'s film that won the X-Factor award at the Briefs film festival last Thursday. &mdash;  <i>videographer: Duncan Mckinlay</i>

Nayland College media studies students were among the 23 young filmmakers who showed off their wares at the annual Briefs film competition on Thursday the 31st of October. Held at the Suter Theater, the competition saw a packed house enjoy student films from Nayland College, Nelson College for Girls and Nelson Boy’s College.

The night featured 8 films from Nayland College, many of which were among the biggest crowd pleasers of the night. The night was MCed by Nayland College students Ruben Castaing and Ruby Vidgen. The competition was organised by Anna Hickman, a media studies teacher at Nelson College for Girls. She was helped by a dedicated team of students from the three schools involved.

Several awards went to Nayland College students on the night. Matthew Suter, Year 13, won the ‘X-Factor’ award, an award that recognized films that had a high degree of originality. Matthew’s film, The Nayland Job, was based around the heist genre. “My film was about two students who are caught cheating and have to plan a heist on the principal’s office to steal the evidence,” said Matt.

Eden Lawless, Year 13, won two awards for his film Do Something, a feelgood drama that revolved around a young person trying to change his life. “It was about a guy that gets into a rhythm of doing nothing each day. He then decides to break the rhythm and try skateboarding,” Eden said. His film won an award for the best use of sound and also the audience favourite award.

Both boys agreed that the Briefs experience was well worth it and that they had got a lot out of it. “It was really nice to watch films from our friends and all the other films from throughout the region,” said Eden. “It is a good steppingstone into making more films. You see others’ films, and learn from them.”

Matt felt that the competition provided a valuable opportunity. “It provides a platform for young film makers to show off their stuff because I think showing off the art you make is a really important part of the creative process,” he said.

By Duncan McKinlay