New teaching assistant an outdoor enthusiast


An experienced man of the outdoors, Andrew Hewison draws knowledge from various careers as he joins the Nayland College staff as a teaching assistant.

Beginning in term three, Mr Hewison’s role involves providing support for groups and individuals within classes so the teacher can teach. His work changes, depending on what the teacher needs on that particular day. “It’s quite rewarding,” he said.

Despite this only being his second term at the school, Mr Hewison is enjoying his new position. “It’s a very good school with very good teachers… I like the group of learning assistants I work with in the hub who are really nice people.”

Mr Hewison gained a couple of outdoor certificates from his time at Waikato University and although he didn’t complete his studies, he did some papers. “I understand what university encompasses,” he said.

He then went on to work in the outdoor industry in places such as ski fields, outdoor centres and an outdoor retail store. Later, he also completed education and certificates through St. Johns to become an ambulance officer.

Mr Hewison happily reminisces on the couple of seasons he spent working on the massive ski fields in Lake Tahoe, which sits on the border of California and Nevada in the United States of America, in the early 1990s.

“Around Lake Tahoe, I think there are around seven ski fields, Squall Valley where they had the Olympics years and years ago and Kirkwood. I loved that… It was good fun.”

In his spare time, Mr Hewison enjoys taking mountain bike rides and walks in the outdoors with his family. Nelson is also a prime location for sea kayaking, another of his hobbies.

“We’ve only been in Nelson for two years… We used to live in Rotorua. It’s quite nice as well. Similar kind of feel. It’s a tourist centre and Nelson is as well. It’s nice here; the sun is nice.”

A seasoned traveller, Mr Hewison has visited North America, Europe, the Pacific and parts of Asia. “I always want to do a little bit more,” he said.

Whilst openly passionate about the outdoors and travel, Mr Hewison is equally as passionate about his family. “I am passionate about being a good parent and I just want the best for my kids… I support my wife, who is very good at her job, by working part-time.”

By student reporter Aleisha Smith