Ivy Weir embraces textiles project


Year 13 student Ivy Weir outlines her “Protect It” enterprise from her textiles class this year.

For my textiles class we have been working on a project called ‘protect it’.

In our current political environment, we see more and more cases of women standing up for themselves against people who have silenced them due to money, power, and status.
This inspired me to come up with the slogan ‘i am my own’ to fight back against those who think they own you, talk over you, refuse to listen. ‘i am my own’ is about strength, it is about empowerment and it is about saying no.

‘i am my own’ is about believing women, believing survivors and believing in yourself. You are your own being; nobody can define you except for yourself. Your strength comes from within and cannot be taken away from you. ‘i am my own’ is about telling the world that you, your body, your mind, your emotions, everything that makes up your being are entirely your own and nobody deserves to destroy the beauty that is who you are.

Thank you to my amazing sister Mia for modelling and my amazing mum for the photography.

All items are made of recycled materials and embroidered by me. If you are interested in buying any of the featured items (all between $10-15) message me at ivyjuneweir@gmail.com, there are limited stocks available.

All proceeds go to SASH and women’s refuge.

By Ivy Weir – Student