Year 9 Robotics Module: BATTLE-BOTS

Nayland College Year 9 Robotics class bringing their creations to the ring for Battle Bots. &mdash;  <i>videographer: NayColOfficial</i>

Watch a montage of the best bits from the event, ENJOY!

On Tuesday 15 November, the Year 9 Robotics module brought their creations to the ring for Battle Bots.

The Bots have a programmable core called Edison. Over the past few weeks the teams have been designing and modifying the little orange unit by attaching all manner of LEGO Technic on to it, for offense or defense.

The Bots were named and numbers were drawn for their place in a 10 Team, Double Elimination Bracket. The first few rounds were not really eventful, but that all changed once Bots started to falter and only the strong were left. The winner for the event was ‘ASH’ put together by Misha, Matt and Alfredo.

By Colin Frewin