Congrats to our Cawthron Scitec Expo award winners!


Nayland College students won a number of awards at the recent Cawthron Scitec Expo. Congratulations go to Stella Bloomfield, Delta Brewerton, Connor Edmunds, Ra Edmunds, Femke Kleinloog, Zara Leiffering, Keshia Linyard, Max Millar and Taea Teiria.

Our thanks also go to the members of Puaha Te Tai who opened the prizegiving ceremony at Putangitangi (Green Meadows). 

Pūaha Te Tai performing at the opening ceremony for the 2022 Cawthron Scitec Expo Awards evening — Image by: Gaye Bloomfield

A special mention goes to Keshia Linyard for gaining awards in two categories and to Ra Edmunds for entering two projects that both gained major awards.


Delta Brewerton won the Year 11-13 category for her project: ‘Tahuaroa – Ocean’

Keshia Linyard won the Supreme Art Award for her project: ‘Fight or Flight.’ Keshia made beautiful use of art materials to a very high level with her stunning, well thought-out drawings of birds, exploring the idea of helping Kiwis’ relate to climate change. The more you look at it, the more environmental issues are seen.

Keshia Linyard – Winner of the Supreme Art Award for her project ‘Fight or Flight’ – Cawthron Scitec Expo 2022 — Image by: Gaye Bloomfield


  • Keshia Linyard won the Year 9-10 category for her project: ‘Impacting our Waterways’
  • Max Millar won the Year 11-13 category for his project: ‘Syllables and the Serial Position Effect’


  • Stella Bloomfield, Year 11, won a Highly Commended for her project: ‘One Fence at a Time’
  • Femke Kleinloog won the Year 9-10 category for her project: ‘How does global warming effect Orcas?’
  • Ra Edmunds won The Nelson Tasman Climate Forum Climate Change Award, and the Scitec Expo Years 11-13 Research category for their project: ‘Sun, Sea, Sediment.’ Ra’s project looked at the impacts of sediment in Tasman Bay and made great use of scientific methods to explore how and why sediment ends up in our rivers and oceans.

Special Awards:

  • Connor Edmunds won the Agriculture, Horticulture and Forestry Award for his project: ‘Fried Green Tomatoes’
  • Astrid Sayer won the Health Science Award for her project: ‘Noisy Classrooms’
  • Taea Staples won the Te Ao Māori Award for her project: ‘Kia Kaha Mātauranga Māori’
  • Zara Leiffering won the Sustainability Award for her project: ‘Trash to Treasure’
  • Ra Edmunds won the Dick Roberts Memorial Trust Award for their project: ‘Border Control’

Ra Edmunds  – Winner of the Dick Roberts Memorial Trust Awards for their project: ‘Border Control’ – Cawthron Scitec Expo 2022 — Image by: Gaye Bloomfield

The Nayland College Science Teachers were awarded the Nelson Institute Award for best collective effort as our school submitted 29 of the 57 entries this year, including a wide range of disciplines that included projects about conservation, biology, psychology, art and Mātaurangi Māori.

By Gaye Bloomfield