End of year hampers reach families in need


Thank you to all those who supported our end of year hampers last year!

As the school year came to a close at the end of last year, we saw an opportunity to reach out to those in our school community who were struggling financially. We recognised that it is a time of year that can be hard for people who can’t afford to celebrate in the same ways most of us can. 

A group six students, both junior and seniors worked with Ms Hall to put together gift hampers for families in need. These included toys, games, craft activities, books, food etc. We had an anonymous list of who was in each of the families, so that we could personalise their gifts and make sure each basket would be the right fit. 

This amazing project was made possible by the wonderful staff, parents and students who generously donated money and gifts. Their support made this all come together so successfully and we were able to reach the families who needed it. 

By Pippa Sussex, Year 12