Dancers WOW Audience at Nayland College Dance Showcase


Wednesday and Thursday this week was a terrific, successful day for the dance team of Nayland College. Dancers from all years performed brilliantly at the showcase, delivering joy to the audience and captivating their attention for the entire night.

“We’ve been working on this for two to three months now, but my favourite part is the first time we get the dance right,” year 12 Dancer, Matthew Edgar says, and their hard work paid off.

Image by: Lucy Buckley

Abby Pierce describes the experience as “An amazing time, learning together, having a laugh and working as a group, becoming close friends.”

Image by: Lucy Buckley

Nineteen pieces brought out the best in our Nayland dancers, and the teamwork we saw that night was inspiring to many.

When asked what her favourite part was, Lydia Fitzgerald said, “[She] loved performing to the audience and seeing them enjoy it all.” And they did.

Image by: Lucy Buckley

It was a night to remember for the friends and family of the stars on stage who watched the spectacular show. So amazing that some people even came back to watch both nights!

Ms. Polglase’s students sure made her and the school proud with their performance, and they have all earned a good rest after their hard work, ready to enjoy the holidays.

By Student Journalist Kimberly Fitzgerald