Special Olympics


On Wednesday 23 June, the Learning Support Centre went to the Saxton Stadium to participate in football. Year 12 student Lachlan Rout shares the story.

From Nayland College we all traveled to the stadium in a few cars, and I went with football legend Ben Wright. I was so lucky to have the opportunity to go in Miss Banks’s car. It was so funny because Ben could not start the car. Finally, we arrived. First, we played Marlborough Boys College. Nayland Maroon won seven – two. But one of the highlights for me was I along with my friend Zac kicked the Football to a member on the opposite team who was in an electric wheelchair, who was being left out and I will never regret that because I am so happy that the kid in the wheelchair got a goal for their team.

Then we played the invitational team and we won.

Finally, we played the green team from Waimea College. The green team had lots of skillful players, but we did well too even though we lost in the final game. All that matters is that each of us played to our greatest ability.

After all the games had finished it was time for the certificates to be given out. While we were waiting to be called up to receive the certificates, we were all cheering for all the other teams. The Nayland White team came first in the skills which were extremely hard for many people and easy for some. And they also came first in the games itself. At the end of the special Olympics, I stood up in front of everybody and said thanks to Graham Bain for making the special Olympics an awesome event to participate in.

And the Nayland Maroon team came second in the skills and in the games.

I would like to do a shout out to Ben Wright, not only because he could not start Miss Banks’s car but because he has devoted many hours every week to teaching us how to play sports. Even if we have disabilities, we can still play to the best of our abilities. He has taught us so much about playing sports.

By Lachlan Rout (student)