‘Tea and Tech’s’ first visit a success


On Thursday 8 April, Nayland’s sustainability group, Tautīnei, visited Otumarama Rest Home as part of the “Tea and Tech” volunteer organization. Student journalist Finn Kerby-Pinguet observed.

Nayland College’s newly renamed sustainability group, (dubbed Tautīnei for the Te Reo Māori term to promote and sustain) has already been making a positive impact in our community. On Thursday 8 April, a handful of NayCol students visited nearby aged care facility Otumarama Rest Home. Walking across the road and up the driveway bordering Nayland Primary, our students were there to assist elderly members of the community with using their technology, and to help with any queries related to their devices.

Although superficially the programmed is pertaining to technology, it provides something much deeper. For the residents, connection with the youth and our wider community is what it is all about. For the students, they get the satisfaction of volunteering, and it also gives the opportunity for students to teach. Devices and technology are somewhat of an area of expertise with students today, and they can impart their skills to the older generation. This role reversal is a positive interaction both ways, and drinks and biscuits are offered.

‘Tea and Tech’ at Otumarama Rest Home — Image by: Nayland College

Finn Kerby-Pinguet spoke with Ms. Miriam Clark from Age Concern, who facilitates the programme:

“Tea and Tech has been around for three years, but I have been running it for one year. It is a really great concept, and giving students a chance to be a teacher is a nice role reversal… The questions often asked can often be quite easy for young students, and the skills youth have on technology can sometimes be taken for granted,” Ms. Clark said. “Issues the residents get help on can typically range from setting up email accounts to even simply making a cellphone call. The concept of swiping and touchscreen devices is one students often help with… Residents and students are protected when it comes to personal information, and students do not get involved with online financial support.”

Tea and Tech hopes to continue through Term Two, and students are invited to get involved through Ms Paul.

By Student journalist Finn Kerby-Pinguet