Bounce back to Level 2


Following the Prime Minister’s announcement last night that there are further cases of community transmission in Auckland, Nayland College would like to assure our community that school will be open as per usual tomorrow.

Dear parents/caregivers

As per the announcement by the Prime Minister last night, New Zealand moved back into Covid Alert Level 2 at 6:00am this morning.  We are likely to stay at Level 2 for at least one week.

We are hoping that Athletic Sports can continue on Tuesday, however, we need to confirm this with the Saxton management tomorrow.

The key Public Health approach at Level 2 is to minimise the risk that someone gets infected in the first place, and second to ensure we can identify and contact anyone who has been in close contact with a person, if someone in a school is infected.

Physical distancing is a good precaution to prevent the spread of disease. We do however know it is challenging in schools, so good hygiene practices and regular cleaning are even more important here. 

Under Alert Level 2, we advise any students and staff to stay at home if they are sick, and we will send anyone home immediately if they show any symptoms.  We also ask that students practice good hygiene. This includes coughing into elbows, washing and drying hands thoroughly and regular cleaning of commonly touched surfaces.

Our school has safe and sensible practices to maintain the health and safety of everyone on the school site including the following:

  • Students are encouraged to sanitise or wash hands upon entering a classroom and before using school equipment.
  • Students should not touch or breathe on others.
  • Students will not be able to leave the school grounds during the day unless they are sick or have a pre-scheduled appointment. This includes Year 13 students and students that usually have a lunch pass.
  • Assemblies will not be held under Alert Level 2.
  • All visitors to the school must sign in and provide a current address and phone number.
  • Students and staff are not required to wear masks, but may do should they so wish.

It’s important however that safe hygiene habits are practised by everyone, not just at school but at home as well. This is essential to minimise the risk that someone gets infected with Covid-19.

For more information about the public health measures at Alert Level 2, you can visit the Covid-19 website:

Ngā mihi

Daniel Wilson

By Daniel Wilson