Proposed enrolment scheme – community consultation


Nayland College has been formally notified by the Ministry of Education that there is likely to be overcrowding at the school unless an enrolment scheme is adopted. Under Section 11H(1) of the Education Act 1989, the Nayland College Board must now begin developing a scheme and this process must include a period of community consultation.

Formal consultation

From now until Friday 13 November, Nayland College are inviting feedback from our school community as well as from the wider community regarding the proposed enrolment scheme. You can make a submission in the following ways:

1. Complete a submission form here (also available on our website)

2. Email a submission to Board Secretary Kathy Sherwood (

3. Deliver a submission to the submissions box at reception

4. Post a submission to:

Nayland College Board of Trustees 
166 Nayland Road
Nelson 7011

Submissions close on Friday 13 November 2020.

Throughout this process we will continue to provide regular updates through our fortnightly newsletter as well as on our website: 

Nayland College draft ‘Home Zone’ boundary — Image by: Ministry of Education

About enrolment schemes

To offer the best quality of education, the network of schools has to respond in areas where populations are growing, and the requirements of communities are changing.

When there are more students than places available, introducing an enrolment scheme to manage the risk of overcrowding is one of the first options that will be considered.

Learn more about enrolment schemes by watching a short video clip below.

The basics

A school with an enrolment scheme has a home zone, which is a geographically defined area around the school.

  • Students living inside the zone are guaranteed a place at the school.
  • Students who live outside the zone can apply to enrol but acceptance of their application is subject to places being available for them – and if there are fewer places available than there are applicants, their acceptance is subject to the outcome of a pre-enrolment process called a ballot.

The Ministry’s role

The Ministry of Education’s job is to monitor enrolments across all schools in New Zealand to ensure the best use of resources and investment. Their regional staff provide specific and targeted support to the regions, and these responses are collected as part of the National Education Growth Plan to feed a long term growth strategy for the network of schools into 2030.

  • Sometimes it might be proposed that the home zones of schools at risk of overcrowding be reduced and others expanded to absorb growth and spread students more evenly across a local network.

Before any change can be made, the views of the community are considered with enrolment and Census data, the physical capacity of all schools in the area, Council consents for significant building and housing developments, transport options, property sales activity, and local business and employment trends.

For more information regarding the development of an enrolment scheme, click here.

By Nayland College Official


Nayland College draft home zone description 13_10_2020   PDF, 169.7 KB