Nayland opens its doors to prospective students


Tuesday night was Nayland College’s open night, with over 900 visitors coming in two shifts to sample what student life at Nayland College is like.

After some welcoming speeches in the hall, including a talk from Year 10 student Astrid Sayer, visitors were teamed up with student guides who took them on an hour long tour of the school, spending time in each learning area.

 As well as student guides, many other students gave up their time to contribute to the displays, act as hosts and demonstrate the type of learning that goes on within the different learning areas of the school. 

Principal Daniel Wilson said that the night was a success, and paid tribute to the efforts of our student guides.

“It is always a special occasion with our students doing a wonderful job in hosting our Year 8 visitors and their families. Our visitors commented on the positive buzz, fantastic learning environments and variety of curriculum on offer,” he said.

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Deputy Principal Trevor Olley, echoed Mr Wilson’s sentiments and also commented on how nice it was to see some familiar faces.

“A number of parents who were ex- students, commented that it was nice to be back on site. Guides enjoyed showing people their school and enjoyed the interaction with the Year 8 students and their parents and caregivers. It was Nayland doing what it does best,” said Mr Olley.

Students helped out in the science department by doing experiments for people to watch and take part in. — Image by: Tim Cuff

For two of our Year 9 students, Rosie Cameron and Maia Williams, who acted as guides on the night, the experience was a bit nerve-wracking, but overall, very rewarding, giving them a sense of pride in the school.

“It felt like we were doing something helpful for the school,” Maia said.

The hospitality department was a very popular stop on the tour. — Image by: Tim Cuff

Both students thought the Hospitality department had the best display on the night, due to their delicious pizza rolls. Rosie also felt a sense of pride about showing off her own work.

“I had a hoodie on display in the fashion and design room, so that would have to be my favourite as well,” she said.

The Fashion and Design department had students working on their projects throughout the evening. — Image by: Tim Cuff

By Duncan McKinlay