Visual arts teacher takes inspiration from students


This year Nayland College has been lucky to have a fantastic group of new teachers join our whānau. Throughout the year we will be profiling our new recruits in the newsletter so you can get to know them. Today we are saying hello to visual arts teacher Lucy Buckley.

Where were you born and where did you grow up?

I am a born and bred Cantabrian. I was born in Christchurch and grew up on a farm near Darfield before moving to another near Lincoln. I went to Kirwee Primary school, Tai Tapu Primary, Lincoln Primary and Lincoln High school.

Where else have you lived before coming to Nelson?

Christchurch, Hong Kong, Blenheim, Timaru and Whangarei.

What other jobs did you have before becoming a teacher?

During school and university, I had various part-time jobs as a cleaner, receptionist, art technician, orchid worker, running school holiday programmes through the Christchurch City Council and working in quality control at Watties.

Why did you decide to be a teacher – and what drew towards becoming a visual arts teacher specifically?

I had inspirational art teachers throughout my schooling. I was always encouraged with my art and enjoyed being creative. My desire was to be as encouraging, passionate and dedicated to the job as I had seen my teachers be. Being around creative students makes me feel inspired. Film and photography have been my focus due to specific training that I undertook during my degree and at teachers college.

What do you like about teaching, and teaching at Nayland specifically?

I enjoy the diversity within the student body. The students I am working with are very creative and inspire me daily. The staff are collegial and there is a whanau type feel within Nayland College and our wider community. Every day is different and has new challenges.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. They are my special people and we are often having them visit or going away to see them. I also enjoy tramping, yoga, running, skiing, pottery, sewing, reading, attending film festivals, gardening, taking my daughter to the beach, playground or park and watching our chickens.

Image by: Lucy Buckley

What is one film everyone should watch? 

Everyone should see the film Amelie – because it’s my favourite film.

What were you like as a student at school?

I really enjoyed school. I like being involved with sport, cultural activities and being a peer mentor. I have maintained close friendships with the friends I made at school. Lots of us are now teachers.

When I retire, I want to…

Have some time to travel more of the world. Do the things I love to do like tramping, yoga, running, creating art, sewing, pottery, skiing, cooking, and spending time with family and friends. 

Image by: Lucy Buckley

 Question from Matt Penney, our last interviewee: What is your favourite food and what’s the furthest you would drive to get it?

My favourite food is gelato – I would drive to Christchurch to have it at Rollickin Gelato.

Give us one question to ask the next teacher we profile…

Who do you admire in the world and why?

By Duncan McKinlay