Creativity during lock down: Year 10 drama students use their storytelling skills


During lock down, Nayland teachers were required to make a number of changes to their teaching and learning programs. Head of Drama Verity Davidson, explains how she got her students to find their voice.

During lock down, the Year 10 drama students were tasked with using their voices to tell stories in an entertaining and creative way. They had two tasks: one was to read a children’s story with different voices for different characters, and the second was to make a podcast related to Stoke and Nelson in some way (this could be a fictional story, an interview or research on the area).

Below you will find some of the best examples: Jacob Wealleans reading Hairy Maclary with wonderfully creative voices; Sam Clark telling his scary story set in Nelson, and Oblio McCullough interviewing his grandfather about some of the history behind Nelson’s café culture.

By Verity Davidson


Jacob’s book reading of hairy maclary …   MP3, 2.3 MB
Sam’s scary story   MP3, 2.5 MB
Oblio’s Podcast   MP3, 4.8 MB