Back to School!


Please read the following article carefully regarding back to school procedures at Nayland College.

Dear parents/caregivers

I was delighted to hear the message from the Prime Minister today outlining a shift to Covid Alert Level 2.  We are now in a position of being able to share further information regarding schooling at Nayland College under Alert Level 2.

Key messages

  • School will resume for Senior students on Monday 18 May
  • Juniors will return to school on Tuesday 19 May
  • As previously communicated, increased hygiene practices will be in place
  • A form must be completed for any students that travel to or home from school by either Bromells or Nelson Coachlines
  • If a student continues to self isolate during Alert Level 2, then you will need to inform the school
  • School and Ministry of Education laptops need to be returned to the library between 10.30am-3.00pm on Thursday 14 and Friday 15 May.

Return to school

On Thursday 14 May and Friday 15 May staff at Nayland College will be working together on site to determine how to best manage student learning time for the remainder of 2020.  Obviously we have quite a few issues to work through, including how to restructure NCEA so that students are not disadvantaged. There will be no online lessons on these days, however students will have been set work to complete. Students registered for Covid Level 3 School will still be able to attend.

On Monday 18 May we will welcome back all year 11-13 students.  This will be a special 6 period day to enable all teachers to catch up with their students.  Students are to report to tutor class at 8.50am.

On Tuesday 19 May all students will return to school.  Once again the day will begin with an extended tutor class, so all students are required to report to their tutor classroom at 8.50am.

Increased hygiene practices

The following practices must be adhered to by staff and students:

  • Students will be required to sanitise or wash hands upon entering a classroom and before using school equipment. We encourage students to bring their own hand sanitiser to school.
  • Hand hygiene and messages regarding coughing into your elbow etc. will continue to be reinforced.
  • Students should not touch or breathe on others.
  • Students will not be able to leave the school grounds during the day unless they are sick or have a pre-scheduled appointment. This includes Year 13 students and students that usually have a lunch pass.
  • Assemblies will not run initially but may resume in future weeks.
  • The Kuaka Café will have strict rules regarding entering and leaving the building.
  • All visitors to the school must sign in and provide a current address and phone number.
  • Drinking fountains can only be used to fill bottles.  Please ensure your child brings a drink bottle to school.

Bus Services

We are required to have a register of all students that use commercial bus services to travel to or from school.  If your child is a bus user you must complete this form.

Students are required to sanitise their hands upon entering the bus.  Please be aware that physical distancing is more difficult on commercial bus services.  Students need to work with the bus provider to ensure they are not touching or breathing on each other.  If you have concerns about physical distancing in this setting you may wish to consider other modes of transport.  Also please note that tickets are unable to be purchased on the bus and must be purchased through the Nayland College Business Centre.


We are advised by the Ministry of Education that it is now safe for students to return to school.  However, we are aware that some students may be concerned that they fit into the ‘vulnerable’ category for Covid-19. If you are unsure of whether your child should be attending school, our advice is to contact your local General Practitioner. 

If you do make the decision to continue self-isolation can you please ensure you email with the following information: 

  • Full name and year level of student
  • Reason for self isolation
  • Name of GP

Our school nurse will work with families and where possible our intention is to dispel concerns in order for the child to return to school.


If your child is unwell, please do not send them to school. Please email or phone the school on 03 547 9769 to inform us of this absence. 

Facemasks and other personal protective equipment

Public Health officials have advised that if the school is following the guidance listed above, then personal protective equipment is not needed under Alert Level 2.


If you were issued with a Nayland College laptop, or have received a laptop from the Ministry of Education, these need to be returned to the library on Thursday 14 or Friday 15 May between 10.30am and 3.00pm.  We really do need these devices returned in order to continue with supplementing devices in class, so it would be amazing if everyone could follow this request. We do understand that some Ministry of Education devices have only just arrived, or may even arrive once school has returned.  This is very unfortunate and the Ministry have apologised that they have been unable to source devices more quickly.  However, we still do require these laptops to be returned. 

We are looking forward to welcoming all of our students back next week!  

Daniel Wilson

By Daniel Wilson