PE and Health students focus on enhancing their well-being.


For teachers, the Covid-19 lockdown has meant rethinking how they conduct their teaching and learning programs. PE and Health teacher Jo Cotton explains how their department is encouraging students to stay healthy, active and balanced during this time.

Over the last week Physical Education (PE) and Health students have been finding ways to enhance their well-being (hauora.)

Year 10 students have been completing a number of tasks to enhance their total well-being and Mental Health. Tasks were designed to consider all four dimensions of well-being such as physical, mental and emotional, social and spiritual.

Tasks have included such activities as an exercise routine using online forums (such as to promote physical activity (taha tinana); interacting with others socially (taha whānau) by chatting on the phone or using Facetime; mediation or finding out about their history / whakapapa (spiritualtaha wairua); or expressing their feelings through words, pictures, movement, music or whatever suits their personality (mental and emotionaltaha hinengaro).

Jacob Wealleans has been getting active by going out to take nature photos. — Jacob Wealleans

For year 9 students, there has been a focus on nutritional intake as an introduction to the nutrition unit which looks at the affect of nutrition on well-being. Students have been completing a 7 day nutrition log of the food they have eaten over a 7 day period.

Many students at both junior and senior PE level have been encouraged to be active including keeping an exercise log, designing exercise workouts, trying a trick shot, trying a new sporting challenge or enjoying their local area with walks, runs or bike rides.

Jack is flipping his way through lockdown. Check out his Instagram (@gtramp.jack) for more of his cool videos. NayColOfficial

There is a lot of evidence that physical activity enhances many aspects of your well-being. So keep up the great work everyone. 

Even if Year 9 and 10 PE was a long time ago, you might want to do some of these great activities with your family. Check out some of the resources below.

By Jo Cotton


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