Covid-19, Update 22 March


Please read the following update carefully, particularly regarding students with compromised immunity.

22 March 2020

Dear parents/caregivers

As you will be aware yesterday the Prime Minister announced an alert system regarding the efforts to reduce the spread of Covid-19. We have been informed that New Zealand is now at Alert Level 2 – Reduce Contact. This means people over 70 years of age and those with compromised immunity and certain existing medical conditions are asked to remain at home as much as they can from now on and for everyone to avoid any non-essential travel.

To clarify, high risk individuals also include people with underlying medical conditions, such as:
– a compromised immune system
– liver disease
– cancer
– kidney disease
– heart disease
– diabetes mellitus

Students at home

If your child fits into any of the categories above, or is unwell for any reason, they should not attend school at this time. As our attendance staff are currently overwhelmed, we would advise parents to please email if possible. When communicating regarding absence clearly state the name of the student, reason for absence and (if possible) a probable date of return to school. If a student is self-isolating for health reasons we will mark the student as medically justified until he government reduces the alert level or until we hear otherwise from the parents/caregivers.

Absence line: Phone: (03) 547 9769 (option 1)

We will be directing students to contact their teachers regarding accessing work to do from home. In most cases online programmes have been set up for students to access. Teacher email codes are:

If students are unwell at school they will be referred to Ruth Rogers (School Nurse) or the Student Reception for an assessment.  

Physical Distancing

I understand there will be concerns from parents regarding the ability to physically distance within a school environment. In our current situation all we can do is trust in officials and follow advice carefully. However, there are things we are doing immediately as a school to assist:

  • Until further notice no staff or students will be permitted to attend meetings or gatherings of any kind off site
  • We are discouraging visitors to school and those we do have must report to reception, sign in and sanitise their hands
  • All staff within school and external professional development and meetings are postponed
  • Staff are going to organise furniture to avoid face-to-face arrangements of desks where possible
  • In Physical Education, Dance, Drama, Outdoor Education and other subjects where physical contact is likely, we will be substituting alternative activities
  • We are encouraging all students to bring their own laptops/notebooks to school. If using a school laptop or PC we require students to wash hands sanitise before and after using the device


Please continue to remind your children about good hygiene practices as previously communicated.

I will continue to communicate families as new developments come to hand. Please all look after each other, particularly the elderly and other venerable people.

Kind regards

Daniel Wilson

By Daniel Wilson