From shipwrecks to science labs


Though she may think otherwise, science teacher Dr Dean has lead an interesting life, to say the least.

After going to University College of North Wales to earn her degree in chemistry, biology and forestry/wood science, Lesley Dean got the opportunity of a lifetime – a PhD through the University of Portsmouth to study the Mary Rose, a shipwreck off the local coast. 

Dr Dean spent many years surveying and preserving shipwrecks before she came back home to Nelson to teach. She started as a teacher aide right here at Nayland, moved into the position of lab technician, and then became a teacher. “I [liked] working with the students so much,” she said.

She spent three years here at Nayland before teaching in South Korea for another few years.  Following that, she came back to teach at Girls College, and then went off to Malaysia. She returned to the country just this year, and says she’s “loving being back.” 

Dr Dean loves scuba diving, mountain biking, reading, and projects. She couldn’t tell me what her most recent project was, but she says she is very excited about it.

She is very enthusiastic about Nayland. “I think of Nayland as a family, ” she said. Great to have you back Dr Dean! 

By student reporter Anna Fincher