Nayland College selected as a 2018-2019 Microsoft Showcase School


Nayland College once again recognised as a global leader in successful integration of technology with teaching and learning.

Nayland College in Nelson, New Zealand, has been selected by Microsoft as a 2018-2019 Microsoft Showcase School. This recognition was given to the school for their excellence in demonstrated student outcomes resulting from its commitment to educational transformation, driven effectively by its principal, Daniel Wilson. Nayland College provides both inspiration and an opportunity for all community members to see and experience the future of digital transformation in education.

Nayland College joins an exclusive community from around the world, recognised and celebrated for their educational transformation which includes vision and innovation in teaching, learning and assessment, computational and critical thinking, creativity and collaboration and a willingness to promote a growth mindset among educators and students.

Although this is the second year that Nayland College has been awarded Showcase School status, the application process for the current round of schools was much more rigorous than previous years.

“To be accepted again as a Showcase School we had to demonstrate through evidence that we were operating at an extremely high level of leadership competence towards transforming learning within the school”,

said the school Director of e-Learning, Ben Crawford.

“To become a Microsoft School is a reasonably straight forward process. However, to be recognised at Showcase Level is a stunning achievement for the school, joining only a handful of other secondary schools across the country”.

“Being selected as a Microsoft Showcase School is an amazing honor and recognition of the passion our teachers and staff have for creating the best learning environments possible,” said principal Daniel Wilson.

  “We look forward to continuing to share our experiences with other schools across New Zealand and the world so that we can continue to find innovative ways to equip our students with the proper tools needed for success inside and outside the classroom.”.

As a Showcase School, Nayland College will work closely with Microsoft to lead innovation in education transformation and communicate an education transformation vision through our commitment to host and mentor other schools in the local community and around the globe.

“Over the past year we have welcomed over 20 different schools into Nayland College to share our experiences and achievements. We are confident that other local schools will eventually join us at Showcase level and see this as a true testament to collaboration across the country,” explained Wilson.

“Microsoft Showcase Schools are shining examples of those applying purpose-driven innovation in a variety of ways to build connection, motivate students and to create community in and out of school,” said Anthony Salcito, Vice president, Worldwide Education, Microsoft. “These schools are truly transforming learning and providing more personalized education to students, empowering them to achieve more.”

Showcase Schools will realise many benefits including the ability to communicate directly with one another, participation in an exclusive online global community, and the opportunity to host and attend both online and in face-to-face educational leader events.

By Nayland College