No flies on this car!


As a part of the learning support class mathematics project on cars, Mr Peter Glue was invited to school to show students a classic car he had assembled himself.

The students were keen to look at, sit in and hear all about the challenges and fun Mr Glue has had with the car.  They loved the steel fly ornament on the bonnet which they were told signifies the saying “there are no flies on me!”.

Mr Glue showed them the all the parts he had to add from other vehicles, which included the back lights from a trailer and from a motor bike!

Everyone had a turn sitting in the car and there was a request to drive it around the field, fast!  Students also questioned Mr Glue about running costs as they are currently researching costs associated with cars including insurance, petrol usage and warrant of fitness.

It was both an enjoyable and educationally valuable experience for the students.  

Mr Glue told the students stories about travelling around in his special M.G T.F replica and one of the students who was particularly engaged said,

“I love the stories Mr Glue told, especially funny ones driving in the rain without any hood.” 

One student made a video (after getting everyone’s permission) and put it on YouTube so that the class could view it during our student meeting.

By Trish Gargiulo – Teacher Learning Support