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Exciting times ahead for Nayland College

While interviewing Nayland College’s principal Daniel Wilson for a Fresh FM segment, I found that the present Nayland College is looking better than ever in the fields of sport and academics, and the future is looking promising with renovations of classrooms and the canteen.

One of the improvements happening now and in the future are the building renovations. Enhancements will be made in classroom blocks two, three, the canteen and the tennis courts. 

Block two and three are “H” blocks with sixteen classrooms on two storeys given to Nayland in the 1960’s by the Ministry of Education. Alternatively named “Nelson” blocks because the first ones were built in Nelson at Nayland College, this template has been used in schools throughout the country. Hard to modernise, block two has been gutted, internal stairwells will be removed and an external stairway will be added.

Another exciting change is to the canteen, which has recently had an upgrade in quality and quantity of food available to purchase. The school has worked with the Libelle Group (the leading school food and beverage provider in New Zealand) to create a menu that is not only affordable, but also catering to the lunchtime needs of students. This is part of a transition to a new indoor/outdoor café which will replace block 3 along with a garden and a landscaped area.

Also being installed is a brand new, international grade hockey turf which is a multi-sport turf that will replace the concrete tennis courts. Sports such as netball, futsal, hockey, tennis and basketball will be able to be played on what Daniel Wilson anticipates will be a “world class facility”.

Academic results such as merit and excellence endorsements are increasing in number, and level two and three results and have been improving significantly. Daniel Wilson gives credit to the teachers who are “trying to put together programs that are engaging for students.”

These exciting developments are leading to a future that is bright and positive for Nayland College. Aiming high is a key part of Daniel Wilson’s values. “We will be the top school in the country, you wait!” he said.

By student reporter Josh Carter