Extroverted leader strikes school life balance


New student leader Jaid van den Berg-Kaire is an active and dedicated member of the 2018 team. An extrovert by nature, Jaid finds her middleground in life by enjoying quiet downtime at home.

Jaid is taking an active role as student leader and is also on the ball, leavers’ and yearbook committees. She’s determined to not let a single chance slip her by. “I wanted to go for as much as I can, so at least I know I’ve taken the opportunity to put myself out there as much as I could,” she said.

Being a student leader isn’t just an opportunity for Jaid, it’s something she greatly enjoys doing, especially because it is to do with people. “I think meeting new people and making new friends is my goal with this,” she said.

However, she doesn’t spend all her time busy and in the short breaks she has, she naps, chills out, watches series on Netflix or cooks, though this last one may surprise some of her friends. “I’m kind of a terrible cook, but I like to do it,” she confessed.

There’s a reason most of Jaid’s hobbies are insular ones. “Honestly I like to do a lot of introverted stuff, because I feel like most of the time I do a lot of extroverted, out there talking to people. When I get home I just like to chill out and make some tea.”

Jaid dedicates a lot of her time to meeting and working with young people. In fact, early this year she did a course at NMIT about connecting with youth, and she plans to carry that through the rest of year by being a student leader and volunteering at the Tahunanui Community Centre. “The more I work with young people, the more I enjoy it. Young people are so fun to hang out with and it’s fun to connect with them (…). People are so different, especially our generation, it’s so diverse,” she explained.

Along with the other student leaders, Jaid recently hosted the student-led assembly. They also went to Waimea College where student leaders from all the local high schools met together. Jaid says she cooperates well with the other student leaders here at school and, despite not always hanging out with them, when she does, “it’s a laugh!”

Jaid enjoys her school subjects, especially drama. “I just like group work and performing as a group and building those connections.”

By student reporter Marian Faith Clement