21 Mar Year 9’s engage in bag share initiative 

Year 9 Textiles students are working on a project to support a community initiative called Boomerang Bags.

Boomerang Bags is a bag-share initiative involving the installation of a number of ‘Boomerang Bag’ boxes throughout any given business district, shopping centre, street or market. Each box is stocked with re-useable bags for customers to borrow if they have forgotten to bring their own.

Unlike the traditional purchase-and-keep approach, Boomerang Bags are free, and local community members are responsible for returning the bags once they’re no longer required. The availability of free re-useable bags reduces the reliance of local businesses to supply bags to all customers, and encourages a mentality of re-use among local communities, thereby reducing the amount of plastic bag material entering landfills and waterways.

Most students were shocked to realise that a regular plastic produce bag lasts approximately 70 000 years when we only use them for a few minutes.

Boomerang Bags communities began in Australia and is now spreading everywhere, with communities popping up all over NZ.

Engaging communities, upcycling materials, reducing plastic consumption and fostering sustainable behaviour is what it’s all about.

Kaleb Robson and William Rodwell produced the video to promote the initiative in school and our community in the hope it will encourage people to donate fabric or help to make more bags. 

Motueka Boomerang bags community is aiming to make 500 bags. It is the aim of year 9 textiles students want to make 501!

By Stacey Gundry