06 Nov The trip of a lifetime with Spirit of Adventure

Nayland College student Trevor Lane is the newest member of a select group of young people to have completed a Spirit of Adventure voyage. The Year 11 student spent 10 days on board, sailing the waters around Auckland and Great Barrier Island.

Crewing a large sailing ship like the Spirit of Adventure means taking a share of all the duties on board, including rigging, cooking and scrubbing the decks. But it’s not all work; the team also had time to go rafting and swimming.

There are plenty of challenges along the way. Trevor explains that working in a team requires you to be outgoing, and ready for anything. “It’s about going outside your comfort zone,” he says. “It also helps if you don’t have a fear of heights.” Reaching the top of the main mast, at a height of 32 metres, is enough to test even the bravest climbers!

Nayland students have traditionally been willing participants in the Spirit of Adventure programme. Trevor joins Blake Winstanley, Renee Goodwin and Dylan Morley as students who took the course in 2015. This week a group of Year 10 students are making a Trophy voyage, a five day trip built around problem solving and water activities.

Applications are open for 2016. 10-day voyages are for students 15-18 years old. There is a cost, but fundraising opportunities and scholarships are available. For more information, see the Spirit of Adventure website or talk to Karen Barks, teacher contact at Nayland College.