25 Nov Textiles students meet pint-size stakeholders’ needs

The year 11 textiles technology class paid a visit across the road to Nayland Kindergarten recently to present gifts they had made for the centre.  The visit marked the final step was of a project where students were asked to create products for the kindergarten to meet identified needs.  A powhiri took place to mark the handing over of the gifts.

Textiles teacher Cushla Laufkotter said she couldn’t be more proud of the way students conducted themselves throughout the process and she is very pleased with the project’s outcome.  She said its aims were for the students to work within a wider community focus, encouraging them to look outside of themselves and their own world view.  Part of this was being able to take on board feedback during the development process.   “Margie and the Kindergarten staff and children were amazing stakeholders, who were able to provide critical feedback and concrete things for my students to consider in their prototype development,” she said.  

To identify the real needs of the kindergarten students interviewed staff and children.  Through this process they were made aware of the difficulty of finding dress ups representing different cultures at the kindy.  As a result, some students created resources such as dress ups based on the legends of Matariki, and Maui and the Sun, finger puppets using 5 of the kindy children’s cultures, a piupiu skirt, and cushions using culturally based fabrics.  Kindergarten staff were so impressed with the Matariki costume they have decided to use it as a special teaching tool when they learn about Matariki each year.

Some of the other products created were a shoe tidy, a fabric hut cover to go over outdoor wooden boxes,  giant matching shapes and colours, reversible capes, soft toys with a literacy focus, emoji floor cushions to develop emotional understanding, and numbered floor cushions for literacy and seating.

Students present their gifts to kindy kids.

Students present their gifts to kindy kids.


Emma Ryan (right) presents her shoe tidy to the kindy.

Emma Ryan (right) showcases her original shoe tidy.