02 Apr Taylah and Dustin Shave for a Cure

Fynn Sawyer catches up with Taylah and Dustin, who Shaved for a Cure this week.

On Tuesday Nayland student Taylah Acero shaved her head, as part of the? Shave for a Cure campaign, to help the 6 Kiwis who are diagnosed with a blood? cancer or related condition every day. She had her head shaved at the College quad, cheered on by a group of friends and supporters.


Taylah is the? second Nayland student to take part in this campaign over the last fortnight,? following Dustin Blazek who had his hair shaved last week. Together Dustin? and Taylah have already raised over $1000 dollars for the cause, with Taylah comfortably beating? her target of $500.

Taylah said she had always known about Shave for a Cure? and decided that this year was the year for her to take part. She added that? others should definitely get involved as this was a great cause. Dustin agreed,? saying “you don’t have to shave your head, just show some support”.

Both Taylah? and Dustin are still fundraising and you can show your support by donating? here for Taylah and? here for Dustin.