26 Jul Students soar towards end of term

As per Nayland custom, junior and senior SOAR assemblies were held  at the end of term two to acknowledge students’ positive behaviour and attitudes. These were ably run by the college’s five student leaders.

The focus value for the term was ‘Opportunity’. This led to students being encouraged to make the most of every opportunity offered to them, both in and out of the classroom. The basic message delivered to students by student leaders was to ‘get involved in as much as you can’.

Winners of SOAR awards for students with the most ‘hua’ reward vouchers for taking opportunities in term two received a certificate and movie voucher.  They were:

Junior winners

  • 1st: Ut Anh Van Tang
  • 2nd: Zachary Pene
  • 3rd: Caleb Fitzgerald Caleb

Senior winners

  • 1st equal: Jake Hall and Cristian Specht
  • 2nd equal: Sadie Harris and Taichi Hashi

There was plenty of other fun to be had and other chances to win as well. Electronic lotteries meant that every voucher students received gave them a chance to win a prize. These ranged from blocks of chocolate, caps, and school ties to the supreme prize of a boom box. Lucky recipients of these were Jackson Ching-Peretini and Toby Sussex.

Student leaders also came up with a novel prize as a different option to the customary cream pieing of a student leader. Lucky winners gained the prizes of pledged ‘slave hours’ from a student leader of their choice,  or nominating a type of cake for their chosen student leader to bake for them.

By Sera King