23 Oct Students defeat staff in annual debate

IMG_7796The 2015 student team have defeated the staff in the annual staff student debate. Blake Winstanley, Daniel Kirby and Scarlett Box successfully argued against the statement that “schools should be organised by ability rather than age”, claiming that the social and emotional challenges of streaming based on ability outweighed the potential benefits.

Although they spoke passionately the staff team of Justene Allen, Duncan McKinlay and Nigel Lineham were unable to convince the adjudicators that schools should be organised by ability. Negotiation, gesticulation and punctuation were all argued as superior to academic ability, but the students systematically demolished these alternatives. Best speaker was awarded to Duncan McKinlay for his inspired use of a member of the opposing team as an example of successful acceleration in education.

Be sure to be there in 2016 when the students must defend their, title without their all-star captain Blake.