16 Feb Students achieve Scholarship results across the curriculum

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Nayland College students have received 16 scholarships, including one outstanding scholarship, in the 2014 NCEA Scholarship results announced last week. The winners found? success in a wide range of subjects, including languages, sciences, physical education, mathematics, visual arts and social science. Two of the successful candidates, James McKay and Gerry Toft, were Year 12 students sitting Level 3 subjects in 2014. One student, Mitchell Chandler, gained an outstanding scholarship, placing him in the top 0.3% of Level 3 students nationally.


The results demonstrate the commitment to academic excellence that is shared across all departments. Head of Science, Hamish McLellan, said the results were a “reflection of all of the work that staff and students put in, beginning in the junior school.” For Mike Friend, Head of Visual Arts, ? the thorough documentation of process? and “comprehensive critical analysis” shown by all three successful art candidates was evidence of the mature attitude to learning valued at Nayland College.

NCEA Scholarship passes carry a monetary award to be used for study at a tertiary level. The 2014 Scholarship winners are:

Milena Baden: German, Painting

Mitchell Chandler: Biology (Outstanding), Geography

Toma Noguchi: Biology, PE

Adam Pauling: Chemistry, Physics, Statistics, Calculus

Oliver Sircombe-Cohen: Chemistry

James McKay (Year 12): Physics

Gerry Toft (Year 12): Physics, Calculus

Maddy Hansen: Painting

Laura Penrose: Photography