21 Dec Start of year Dates: 2016


The College is now open after the holiday break and preparations are underway the start of the year.

Need a stationery list?- Click here

Need to try on a junior uniform for size? Uniform samples are available for fitting on 25 January between 4pm and 6pm.  Detailed information about our uniform is available: click here

Year 12 and 13 students are required to confirm their subject selections with the Deans on the 28 and 29 January. Any students in Year 11 who need to change their courses should see the Deans on the 28th of January.

Years 9 and 13 start school on Wednesday 3 Feb at 8.50am. Years 10, 11 and 12 start school on Thursday 4 Feb at 8.50am.

Detailed information about the start of the year is available here.