23 Jul Staff and seniors clash on court

A packed gym gathered on the last Wednesday of term 2 to witness the annual netball game between staff and Year 13 students. The eagerly anticipated event did not disappoint as the two teams slugged it out on court.

The game was fast-paced and entertaining with both teams showcasing some novel manoeuvres. Year 13 centre Taylah Kirker, who played opposite Deputy Principal Trevor Olley, described the game as “very aggressive”. “It was high intensity” said WA Tayler Boeyen.

Student umpire Caitlin Reid had her work cut out for her to keep up with refereeing the fast-paced game. She commented on the unorthodox tactics the staff team resorted to as the game went on. “The first two halves were alright” she said. “Then (Principal) Mr Wilson said to me ‘Do I need to remind you that I’m signing off on your report at the moment Caitlin?’”

Outdoor Education teacher Mike Talbot was impressed with the skill level of the students. When pressed on the final score, Deputy Principal Trevor Olley just said “don’t ask!”, adding “it was great to have the interaction with the senior students but I’ll probably regret it in the morning.”